NOW Is The Time To Adopt An Animal At ACCT Philly

If you are thinking about getting a pet don’t think about it. Do it. The shelter in Philadelphia, at 111 E Hunting Park Ave is at capacity and that means they have no choice but to kill healthy, adoptable animals. Euthanize is just another word for kill because it sounds better.

All animals can be adopted for $10.00. cats, kittens, senior pets. Senior pets are most vulnerable inside the shelter. Cats should be kept inside. When you allow them to go out, even for a few minutes, they are exposed to dangers, like being bit by stray animals, getting hit by cars or getting an infection.

The first thing you should do with a new pet is get them micro chipped. If they ever do get lost you have a way better chance of being reunited with them.

If you are not sure about a full time new pet, try to foster one. They live with you until a new family is ready for them. Quite often fosters fail and the foster becomes the adopter, which is the best story ever.

The longer you wait, the more in danger animals are of being killed, to make room for strays and unwanted pets.