Tom Rush Is Looking Forward to Sellersville Show Tomorrow.

When you think of really good songwriters and folk rock singers, Arlo Guthrie, Graham Nash come to mind. Tom Rush is right up there. He is coming to Sellersville On October 13, 2023. To hear him talk, he remembers the venue. “I’ll say it again, it’s one of my favorite places to play”, Rush said, when reminiscing about his past shows there. He’s talking about the Sellersville Theater.

“I have a young musician with me, he is going to come in, steal the show and I’m going to pay him to do it. I have no idea what’s wrong with me”, Rush joked. We will be doing some songs off the new album, it’s not out yet, we are just waiting on the artwork . We will try out some songs on the unsuspecting crowd in Sellersville. Of course, we will do the old favorites because that is why people come,” Rush said.

Tom is always looking to meet his fans and hopes to do so for free after his Sellersville Show. “It will be directly after, people do not want to wait, ” Rush said, half making a joke about the of some of his fans”. Many will wait but he knows some cannot, they came from farther away and want to get back.

Tom’s fans want new music and they will get it. They just have to wait a bit longer, according to Rush, “January we are looking at for release”. When asked why not push the tour back he responded “The shows are booked far in advance and we can’t do that”. That means he might get to come back to Sellersville again.

There will be no opening act. Tom Rush likes to find new talent and he continues to do that Stephen Kellogg, Matt Nakoa are with him and he allows them to play some songs solo. “It’s about finding new talent”, Rush said. He did this back with Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell for example.

Some tickets remain for the show.