All Suspects In Police Officer Murder Are In Custody Or Dead

Alexander Polanco- Phila Police mug shot.

above is Yobranny Fernandez.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police said that they have arrested three suspects in the murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Richard Mendez. The other suspect is dead, killed in a hail of bullets when police and his crew opened fire as they tried to steal cars at the Philadelphia Airport.

Police confirmed that Alexander Batista-Polanco age 21 from Camden, New Jersey and Yobranny Martinez-Fernandez age 18 from Camden, New Jersey. have been arrested and are in custody. Another male, Hendrick Fernandez was recently taken into custody, police said. Police did not say if Yobranny and Hendrick are related.

According to Officer Miguel Torress from the Public Affairs Division, both Polanco and Yobranny Fernandez have been brought back into Philadelphia. Polanco was arrested in Lackawana County, he said.

All have been charged with Murder, Attempt to commit Criminal Homicide of Law Enforcement Officer, Criminal Homicide of Law Enforcement Officer, Criminal Conspiracy, Aggravated Assault, Assault of Law Enforcement Officer, Robbery, Theft-Unlawful Taking, Theft-Receiving Stolen Property, VUFA-No License, VUFA-On Streets, Use of Communication Faclty, Possession of Instrument of Crime, Simple Assault, Obstruction of Justice, Reckless Endangering Another Person and Tampering with Evidence.

Jesus Herman Madera Duran was killed when he was shot in a gunfight. He was bundled into a stolen car and dumped on the ambulance loading dock by those above named defendants, who were in the car. That car, sped off.