Dayron Burney-Thorn Arrested

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Someone was helping Dayron Burney Thorn, the 16 year old accused gunman who is alleged to have taken part in the murder of a Roxborough High School Football player last year.. That student, Nicholas Elizalde was with a group of students that just finished a scrimmage game and were going to the locker when they were ambushed.

The 16 year old had an apartment in the Lennox building, in Germantown. The rent and security deposit was paid for in cash by someone last year. 16 year olds generally do not have that kind of money. This year, the rent stopped being paid. That, authorities said was the key reason for the capture of Dayron Burney-Thorn.

It was almost 2:00 PM when Dayron’s world came crashing down on him, along with his front door. US Marshals were there to serve an arrest warrant. Up until that time, he was chilling in his fourth floor apartment. When the police kicked in his door, Burney Thorn jumped from his fourth floor window, landing hard on the grass plot below.

US Marshals figured he would be stupid enough to do that so they stationed a team to stay outside while the arrest was served. That’s when Dayron made his move out of the window. He was arrested and taken to a local hospital. He will face charges of murder, weapons and conspiracy charges for starters. He will be charged as an adult., along with his other co defendants.

Police will be tracing bank accounts of Dayron’s family and friends to find out where the money came from. Anyone found to have helped him stay free for over a year will be arrested.