Philly Police Arrest Suspected Rapist

Philadelphia Police have arrested 30 year old Michael Henry of Philadelphia and charged him with Rape, Robbery, Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault. There were two different incidents that have landed Henry behind bars, and they both took place in the same vicinity of Southwest Philadelphia over the course of two consecutive days.

On October 14, a female was in her vehicle alone at 55th and Kingsessing with her car door locked. She was approached by a black male who pulled a gun on her and demanded she unlock her car. When she did, he robbed her of $20.00 and ordered her to drive her to an ATM to withdraw cash. He also order her to drive to 49th and St. Bernard Streets where he raped her, before running away.

On October 15th a woman was walking on the 5199 block of Springfield Street. She was accosted by what police said is the same black male armed with a pistol. He demanded money and took $25.00 and medication from her, before dragging her into an alley and raping her, before running away.

Police made an arrest and had the victims do a photo line up. They also have DNA evidence that they say is a match. Henry was arrested by police on October 21, 2023. Police are looking into see if he is involved in other rapes, they said.

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  1. This a hole is from a family of misfits i know him and the family personally, they are jamaican and always praise on the females especially his father. Im happy they caught him.

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