Accused Sex Predator From Reading Arrested In Southampton

by Alex Lloyd Gross


There has never been a better example as this to keep a good eye on your children and monitor their internet activity. A 13 year old girl from Lower Southampton had Snapchat installed on her phone. She started to converse with a male who called himself “Nate”. Nate told her that he was 20 years old and he knew she was 13. “If You don’t care, I don’t care” was how Nate responded to the minor when apprised of their age difference. Nate was seven years older than her.

Eventually, they agreed to meet in Lower Southampton in late September and Nate arrived in his grey car and went into WAWA at 929 Bustleton Pike. It was just before midnight, when the 13 year old snuck out of her parents house and joined Nate in his car. He immediately began to touch and rub her thighs, police said.

Within a few minutes, he is alleged to have convinced the girl to give him oral sex, which she did. Nate then did the same on her. This was happening while the car was parked at the WAWA . Things between the two progressed and the girl reclined her seat and had unprotected sex with the 20 year old stranger. He finished on her clothes. Some of this encounter was caught on security camera, police said.

Nate then dropped her off near her house and went back to Reading. Word of this encounter spread to police who interviewed the girl. Not before Nate sent her one last message instructing her to delete all his messages, and Nate is alleged to have deleted his Snapchat as well.

The girl could not remember Nate’s username. When the girls mother found out, she gave her daughters phone to police who did a forensic search and recovered Nate’s information. Including chat logs and GPS coordinates for Nates phone that tracked him from Reading to Southampton and back again.

Lower Southampton Police discovered that the male was Nate Echevarria from West Reading Pa. West Reading Police were notified and Echevarria was in their system from being involved in a domestic incident and again for a traffic accident. The victim identified Echevarria was the male who she conversed with on Snapchat.

Nate was arrested and found to actually be 21 years old. He was charged with Involuntary Deviate Sexual Assault Statutory Sexual Assault Aggravated Indecent Assault Unlawful contact with minors Corruption of minors Criminal Use of Communication Facility Indecent Assault. His bail was set at $750,000.