Mia X Ally Take Care Of Business In Ardmore

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Mia X Ally are two independent musicians that got their following from the internet. Word is spreading about them like fire.Currently, they are playing and selling out smaller concert venues across the US. That tour took them to the Ardmore Music Hall this week and it was better than expected.

These two are , Mia Asano,who plays the electric violin and Ally the Piper plays bagpipes. As said before they have individual careers and they do fine on their own. When they play together, and join forces recently and go on tour together. It is in a word dynamic.

When you are on the internet, you are putting yourself out there to all types of people. Some nice, some not so nice. In one case, Ally had played bagpipes to a Metallica song. Someone responded back that “Bag pipes do not belong in Metallica, in her comment section. That’s when the band chimes in that “This person does not speak for Metallica”, Which is akin to an endorsement.

basically, they play songs, without singing with their instruments. “Crazy train”, the Power rangers” theme. They also played “Freebird and a blistering version of “Devil Went Down To Georgia”. which they both sang. Right now this duo is in their infancy. They can walk down the street and not be bothered. Just wait a few years. Crowds will grow and so will their fame.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley News.com Mia X Ally at the Ardmore Music Hall

This show had two sets and an intermission. The crowd was loud and very supportive. Most of the songs played were rockers that would get everyone on their feet. The two like high energy songs, it is what comes across best during their show. They will do shows individually and together again, in 2024.