Pigs, Wishes And Moons, The Machine Plays Pink Floyd Albums At Keswick Theater

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Pink Floyd are no longer together. The surviving former members still tour. However not as a group. Multiple tribute bands play their music, some are good, some are excellent. One such band is called The Machine. This band played a show at the Keswick Theater, in Glenside Pa, over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The show with The Machine played three monster albums from the 1970’s and they absolutely killed it. They started the concert playing Wish You Were Here. It was complete with a circular video screen that showed the same videos that Pink Floyd used to show back in the day.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley News.com A small sample of the stage show during The Machine show.

The Animals album was next. This political theatrical masterpiece was played note for note. The album dealt with the rich, sticking it to the poor and the politicians going right along with it. Re listen to the album and pay attention to the lyrics. Not much has changed since 1977. As The Machine played this album, they got standing ovations for each song. The album came out when most of those in the crowd were 14 thru 19. Some actually saw Pink Floyd live during that show in 1977.. If you listen to bootleg recording from the Philadelphia Animals show, the crowd was raucous, tossing fireworks, they even got admonished by the band.

This crowd was enthusiastic. It was just about sold out, which is impressive for a tribute band. Everyone in the crowd is older and wiser. Some brought their grand kids to see what Pink Floyd is all about.

The Dark Side Of the Moon was next. The machine brough out backup singers and a horn player when the song called for it. While Pink Floyd had floating pigs and flying beds for effects, the Machine used lasers and smoke. They play this area every year around Thanksgiving.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-The full band on stage at the Keswick Theater

For an encore, they played “Comfortably Numb”. It’s good to see Pink Floyd Tribute bands play material from Animals. Other tribute acts totally purge this record from their sets. .