“Best Drunk Driver Ever” Gets Up To 60 Years In Prison

by Alex Lloyd Gross

“If you ask me, I’m the best drunk driver, ever” was a direct quote on social media from Jaynana Webb who learned her fate for killing two Pennsylvania State Troopers.. 27 1/2 to 60 years in state prison. Webb was driving drunk when she struck and killed two Pennsylvania State Troopers.

While the accident happened in March 2022, Webb was sentenced yesterday, after she entered a negotiated plea deal that will get 27 1/2 to 60 years in state prison. Her guilty plea was for three counts of murder, three counts of homicide by vehicle and one count after she fatally struck State Troopers Martin Mack and Branden Sisca who were helping Reyes Rivera Oliveras after her car broke down on I-95 near Lincoln Financial Field. Oliveras, from Allentown was struck and killed as well.

Troopers Branden Sisca and Martin Mack

The irony is that Webb who posted things like “I’m the best drunk driver, ever” on her since deleted Twitter(now X) account. In fact, she was stopped by the troopers just moments before she hit them, for speeding. She then posted that she was stopped for going 110 in a 55 MPH zone, just minutes before the fatal accident.

Her previous comments on social media were done days before the crash. Webb has been out of jail after community groups got together to pay her bail. While out on bail, she did what some are calling one of the most irresponsible things someone can do. She had unprotected sex and got pregnant. She is under house arrest until the baby is born. She will be allowed to bond with her child for a few months, before reporting to prison in February.

It is unknow what will happen to the baby or how it will be raised. During a press conference, District Attorney Larry Krasner called the sentence a “just resolution” . Webb apologized in court and asked the families to forgive her one day.

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30 thoughts on ““Best Drunk Driver Ever” Gets Up To 60 Years In Prison

    1. You might as well say that she got life!!! I hate to bring the race card up, but I remember a few years back there was a drugged out Fentanyl addict that need more dope, she drove from Perry County to the Lemoyne area with her daughter and her friend in the car and killed both. She got 5 years! There is White Prison time and Colored Prison time and I don’t need to say anything more!!!! This is way to much time for her to serve!!!!

      1. Really, since when does someone kill 3 people and because she is pregnant can be under house arrest so she can have her baby at home and have some months to bond. I think that’s wrong, once she goes to jail, the baby would have known her and the separation could be devastating to this innocent baby.
        As far as playing the race card, I know someone who is sitting in jail for 23 years for killing 2 people. Sorry, and I feel nothing for him or her. What if it was someone in your family I’m sure you would feel different.

        Thank you for your thoughts. GOD bless you 🙏🏻

      2. That’s because she left the scene AFTER killing them not because she’s of color!!!!! That’s the problem today, no one knows all the facts before they comment but are quick to throw that race card an then you wonder why it’s still a problem.

      3. You must be kidding. She killed 3 people while driving drunk. While I don’t agree with the other person’s lessor sentence there is no way less time is appropriate for taking 3 lives. Do you think those 3 dead people would agree with you? White, black, yellow, brown, orange, purple, I don’t care. You kill 3 people you should go to jail for life no matter what your skin color is.

    2. She knew exactly what she was doing by getting pregnant! I agree she took three lives. She should be in jail for three lifetimes! And groups about bonded together to get her about what kind of groups would do that?

  1. She should have to go to jail Now! Why be allowed to have her baby, bond with it, and then go start serving. The troopers families started the next day dealing with their loss.

    1. I wonder how the victims families would have liked more bonding time. There should be no leniency! From her comments she fully aware of her actions. Why was she not incarcerated immediately! Should have not been given opportunities that she took away from her victims!

    1. She was already given a second chance when they let her go for speeding. It was a joke to her. She killed THREE people. They’re dead. They’re not coming back. If she killed one of your family members and 2 other people; how much time do you think she should get?

      1. But why did they let her go if she was Drunk, and doing double the legal speed limit? Seems like they put everyone on the road in danger by doing that!
        Thoughts and prayers to the families. Very sorry for your losses. This is so sad as it could have been avoided.

        1. They let her go because they got a call over the radio about a pedestrian walking on the highway and they were the closest unit in the area. She she have took that as divine intervention, but as we learned she didn’t and continue to speed and ended up killing 3 people. I do not feel sorry for her, especially since she seem not to take this seriously. She claims to be the best drunk driver ever. Who knows if it wasn’t these 3 innocent people who unfortunately came into her path that night, it could have been a family. However, I do hope she receives counseling while incarcerated and come to understand the impact of what she has done.

    2. THREE (3) people died by her actions! 3 !!!
      If one of the deaths was someone in your family, you would sing a different song!!!

    3. I absolutely agree 💯 I remember that there was a big story about a drug addict mother that killed her daughter and her friend. She was a Fentanyl Addict and needed more dope so on her way to get more, she caused a head on collision killing her daughter and best friend, she got 5 years for that! There is White Prison time and Colored Prison time always will be….Which do you think is the worst time to serve???? This story backs my statement💯

    4. Are you an idiot? More like not enough time, she was speeding, driving intoxicated, and MURDERED 3 people, she admitted being dui, fled the scene of an accident while dui, she should get life. If that was one of your family members that got murdered, would you be ok with the person getting less time? I highly doubt it

    1. To much time are fricken kidding me , she killed 3 people. If that was 3 of your family members I’m sure you would want the death penalty. I lost my niece to a drunk driver. The drunken piece of craft was 3x the legal limit and it was her 3 DUI. She the driver just like this piece of crap only did 10 years for killing a 24 year old mother of 2. I have no mercy for fricken DRUNKS. They can ROT in Prison

  2. Why did they let her go if she was going 110mph in a 55mph zone? Furthermore if it was moments before, why did they not arrest her for a DUI?!
    Either this story is written poorly, with non facts, or the officers neglected their jobs. (No Surprise there). That being said, nobody deserves to die like that. Again though, could have been avoided. Thoughts and prayers to the families.

  3. They stopped her and while with her got a call of a man, in immediate danger, walking on I95! She even kill him 3 people!!

  4. Put your family on that highway and a drunk driver come alone and kill them! Then post your opinion! I don’t think you would say that’s too much time for someone to spend in jail! I don’t think it has anything to do with race! Plus she also left didint try to help three people died that night they too have family’s! Yes it’s a sad situation! Maybe the next young person will think twice before getting behind the wheel of any vehicle! Praying for all the family’s affected by this her family is also hurting! May god watch over all of them!

  5. She shouldn’t even have had bail. She was out on bail having sex and a good ole time. She should have her baby in jail and then removed from her. Krasner is the worst! The police officer’s families didn’t get to say goodbye or bond longer. I see the race card being played (as usual), unfortunately white people didn’t riot and loot when she killed the white officers or this verdict for that matter. If the races were switched it would be a completely different situation obviously.

    1. Three lives were lost 😞 27 1/2 to 60 years is to lenient of a sentence ! Sad to say our judicial system is broken and weak 👎👎👎

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