Two Store Detectives Stabbed, One Fatally Inside Macy’s Center City

by Alex Lloyd Gross

One male is in custody being questioned by police, after a horrible incident happened inside the Macy’s store at 1300 Market Street in Center City Philadelphia. Police said it was about 10:45 AM when a male walked in and attempted to steal hats,

Two store detectives working saw this and approached the male. They got the merchandise back and told him to leave the store and not come back. He did indeed come back 15 minutes later, armed with a knife. He stabbed the 30year old in the neck and face area. This male was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead at 11:19 AM.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley The crime scene inside Macy’s is roped off with crime scene tape. Bloody footprints are visible in the center door window.

His 23 year old partner tried to help but he too was stabbed. He is in stable condition, police said. The suspect then ran from the store and got on a SEPTA train . He was arrested by SEPTA Police at the Somerset train stop.

The store closed for the day but did not put any signs up. People , some with small children walked up to the main doors on Market Street trying to get in. They peered through the window and saw bloody footprints leading outside and crime scene tape closing off a section of the store. The stabbing happened with less than three weeks until Christmas.