Grand Funk Railroad and Foghat Host Double Headline Show In Atlantic City

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Bryan Bassett plays a song from the past.

Usually, when people take a trip to the casino, they lose money. Last night, those that went to the Hard Rock came home winners. Rarely is there a double bill that is so spot on it makes sense. Foghat and Grand Funk played a show last night at the Sound Waves in Atlantic City. This venue is located inside the Hard Rock and about 2000 people showed up to rock.

First up was Foghat, in support of their new record, called Sonic Mojo. This record was for sale outside the venue at the merch table, Signed and unsigned copies could be bought. While many fans showed up to hear “Fool For the City” or “Slow Ride” , the classics were played, the band did some new material, like “Drivin’ On”. They resonated well with this crowd. The average age of the show was 45 and above. These are the generation of people that bought records and appreciated music.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Original Foghat drummer Roger Earl.

Unfortunately, Foghat was limited to an hour show. The biggest surprise was from guitarist Bryan Bassett, who lead the band in a blistering version of “Play That Funky Music ” from Wild Cherry, He played in that band back in the day.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Foghat live in Atlantic City

By 9:40 PM Grand Funk had taken the stage. They gave the crowd what they came for from the first n opening night until they closed with “We’re An American band”. There is no new material from Grand Funk. They play the hits that people know and want to hear. “Loco Motion” Shinin’ On”, for example. They could be on stage longer than an hour and play B sides, No one in that crowd at the Hard Rock would care if they did “Aimless Lady” or even “Creepin”, which is the B side of the American Band Single. This tour is the 50th anniversary of the American Band record.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Don Brewer from Grand Funk walked away from his kit to engage the crowd.

While Mark Farner is no longer with the band, he has been replaced with Max Carl, who used to play with 38 Special. Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick is with Grand Funk as well.. Mel Schacher is the original bass player. He was content to stay stage right, house left, not moving very much. Don Brewer the original drummer would frequently leave his kit and engage the fans. At one point, he brought an American Flag to the front of the stage and the band played the Star Spangled Banner.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Bruce Kulick

This band looked like they were enjoying playing live, They were limited to an hour on stage. While Max Carl took care of some of the singing, Brewer did the rest. By 10:45 PM the show was over. It was loud. That is the only way to play and listen to this kind of music. If it’s too loud, you’re too old. Not one person complained.