Months Later, New Jersey Resident Is Arrested For Bucks County Retail Theft

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Imagine going into a store to steal. It’s about 40 miles away, it’s doubtful anyone knows you. You walk out and get into your vehicle and drive away. No police are following you. No one ran out of the store after you. You get home, unpack your pilfered items, use them and go about your daily life. In five months, that theft will be but a memory. You’ve filed away how you did it for next time. For all intents and purposes it is over. Seven months later, police are at your door. They have a warrant for your arrest for stealing at that store 40 miles away, seven months ago.

That is exactly what happened to Sade Davis of Millville New Jersey. It was back on May 11,2023 when Davis and another accomplice allegedly went into the Ulta store on Main Street, in Warrington Pa. and stole $1092.00 worth of fragrances.

Police, through their investigation, found Davis was one of the people that allegedly store the merchandise. She was arrested this week and faces charges of Retail Theft and Receiving Stolen Property.