PA. Workers Get The Shaft Again This Year By Republican Leaders

by Alex Lloyd Gross

For the past 15 years, the Pennsylvania State Legislature has refused to budge on raising the minimum wage. It is $7.25/hr. Still. That means that your billion dollar a year employer can legally exploit your services by paying you $7.25/hr. There have been attempts to raise it but in the past, the House Of Representatives, led by Mike Turzai and Jim Cox, (who was the Labor Secretary at the time) refused to even consider the issue.

Alex Lloyd Gross File Photo-Delaware Valley Bucks County Republican KC Tomlinson voted in favor of a minimum wage increase.

They did consider themselves several years ago and gave themselves a cost of living raise each year which makes them some of the highest paid law makers in the United States. The senate did pass a bill to raise it to $9.50per hour in 2018 but that bill died in the house, due to Turzai and Cox. In 2023 the house, now run by democrats got their bill passed with some republicans, like Bucks County Rep KC Tomlinson voting in favor. Unfortunately, the senate is under republican control and refuses to take up the matter.

There is no greater bill of importance, than to put more money into your constituents pockets. Some republicans, like Dan Lauughlin have come out in favor of a raise. However, the leadership, now fat on their COLA increase, refuses to discuss it.again. Without them putting it to a vote, it goes nowhere.

Governor Josh Shapiro said that he will sign that bill in a heartbeat, To put things in perspective, The forwards thinking legislatures in ALL neighboring states have enacted laws to raise their minimum wage. New Jersey will go to $15.00/hr by Jan 1, 2024. Delaware workers will get $13.75/hr. Maryland is going to $15.00 on a fast track. Even Ohio and West Virginia are paying more than Pennsylvania. Every single state that borders this state is doing right by workers. Howeverl,the republican lead senate in PA say they have more important things to discuss, as they get their COLA increases Let’s put this in perspective. The legislators are getting paid more than $100,000 per year. Leadership rakes in $150.000/year. The person sweeping floors in the office building might get $8.00/hr if they are lucky, in some areas.

Alex Lloyd Gross File Photo-Delaware Valley State Rep Jason Dawkins is the Labor and Industry Chairman. He has no time for the excuses for not raising the wage.

All of the excuses used to stymie the wage have been proven to be false. If anyone says these things, they are lying to their constituents. Let’s look at this. It will kill jobs- There are constant HELP WANTED signs all over. Some places are paying over $15.00hr and cannot find workers. Prices will rise. Prices skyrocketed this year. with the employers able to pay $7.25/hr .It’s not the employees pay causing this. and the biggest fear is that small businesses will go under. That’s not true either. One just has to drive across the bridge to New Jersey to see all of the small businesses that are opening up and paying $15.00/hr.. There are no more excuses.

California is taking the minimum wage issue to the extreme by discriminating against certain workers. You mop floors all day for $16.00 in a hospital. Your friend cooks french fries will have to get paid $20.00/hr. All fast food workers must get $20.00/hr, while everyone else gets a $16.00. It;s equivalent to a pay cut… Pizza Hut will not have any more delivery drivers in California,opting for gig workers like Uber Eats and Grub Hub where those workers will earn more than $20.00/hr. .

State Rep Jason Dawkins who is Labor and Industry Committee Chairman in the PA House said he is hopeful in 2024 the senate will take up the issue and move on it. Workers in Pennsylvania making less than $13.00/hr are on welfare .. Paying them a living wage takes them off public assistance and that money can go towards infrastructure.

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12 thoughts on “PA. Workers Get The Shaft Again This Year By Republican Leaders

  1. Government should not be dictating how much someone should be paid. It’s a matter of supply and demand as to what someone is paid. If you’re not happy with your payscale, find a different job. It’s not rocket science.

  2. What businesses are paying only $7,25 an hour? Let the market continue to drive wages that in all cases are much more thar $7,25.

  3. The article says there are help wanted signs all over and some paying $15/hr that can’t find applicants. So why are people mad about making $7.25? Are they not able to fill out an application?

  4. Sad to see the “reporter” is so lazy and stupid that he never learned basic economics. Typical Democrat. With that said, every politician from both corrupt parties must be replaced by the voters (not corrupt judges) with AMERICA FIRST candidates limited to ONE TERM. Trump 2024

  5. Every Republican that votes against this or will not vote on it or stalls it should have to be paid minimum wage in Pennsylvania and not be allowed to collect off any of their other profitable means. You can’t live on your own at $15 an hour and own a car in Pennsylvania it’s impossible I’ve tried it you have no quality of life whatsoever. I can’t wait to get the hell out of this state lived here all my life it’s not getting any better.

    1. There should be NO mandated minimum wage. How many people do you know who are working for $7.25/hour. I own a small business. Anything less than $15/hr. gets laughed at by most all prospective employees. I even pay the young lady who cleans our house $22.00/hr.

  6. So sad that there’s no other views expressed and the other side of this isn’t even considered. Pennsylvania is one of the largest states for mom and pop businesses ….you know Main Street! Going to $15 an hour has destroyed Main Street In every state listed and more.
    I remember when you needed a college degree to make more than $7.25. Don’t like your salary…get an education or move. I for one am tired of the free ride being whined for from all directions…you want something…work for it…earn it.

  7. Stop all the BS taxes on everything,and the BS programs,fix the roads! And if they all quit lineing their pockets we all be able to live! All corrupted! Top to bottom,so !

  8. So sad to see the liberal leftist media start out bashing employers. This writer is going along with the liberal left class warfare. Can’t tell you when I last seen a starting rate of $7.25 per hour. Most starting positions posted any more starting at $15.00 per hour. Don’t need the Government to tell you how much to pay an employee.

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