2024 Mummers Parade String Band Results

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The 2024 Mummer Parade went off today, It ranged from truly talented to truly bizarre. All of it was consumed by the hundreds of thousands of people that went down to center city to see the parade or stayed home to watch it on TV.

ALEX LLOYD GROSS Photo-Delaware valley News.com Comics, Wenches and Fancy’s .

The String Bands are the favorite and there are 14 of them. The judges have spoken and here are the results.

1, South Philadelphia

2 Quaker City

3 Fralinger

4 Woodland

5 Avalon

6 Uptown

7 Ferko

8 Aqua

9 Greater Kensington

10 Polish American

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com Woodland rides a giant turtle to fourth place.

11 Duffy

12 Durning


14 Jersey

Top 5 String Band Captains-

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley News.com More Mummers Fun on Market Street.

Uptown, South Philadelphia Quaker City,Duffy.

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1 thought on “2024 Mummers Parade String Band Results

  1. Aqua did a fantastic job and put on a very good show, which seemed to have a lot of thought put into its development. I think they should have ranked higher.

    Quaker City is always great, no surprise there. I missed South Philly’s performance.

    Anyway, hats off to Aqua for an excellent effort. I enjoyed watching them.

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