Ethics Complaint Filed Against PA State Senator by Senator Art Haywood

by Alex Lloyd Gross

On January 2, 2024 Senator Art Haywood, (d) filed and ethics complaint against a fellow colleague. in the Pennsylvania State Senate. The complaint was lodged against Senator Doug Mastriano (r) from Franklin County. This complain alleged that Doug Mastriano :

Alex Lloyd Gross File photo-Delaware Valley Senator Doug Mastriano in Warminster in October 2022.

Used the prominence and reputation of The PA Senate and his office as a State Senator to conduct a hearing at which advisors of the Former President gave unsworn testimony. This testimony has since been proven false.

Organized and appeared in various rallies with state and federal officials to disseminate false information to promote the idea that the 2020 presidential vote was illegitimate and should be overturned. Ahead of January 6, 2021, personally led a board-based effort to coerce, pressure, and intimidate government officials at all levels to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania.

Participated in the violent assembly of individuals on January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol.

This assembly, incited by Former President Trump, breached police barricades in violation of the law and resulted in the storming of the U.S. Capitol Building with the expressed purpose of preventing the counting and certification of the Electoral College Vote.


Mastriano launched a failed attempt to become Governor of Pennsylvania. during this campaign, he repeatedly barred members of the news media from his campaign events, It was only within the last two weeks of the campaign that media was allowed inside of his event. He took no questions .

During the January 6th committee, he appeared for about 15 minutes via Zoom and refused to answer any questions.He cut off his Zoom connection before he was sworn in. He stated he was in Washington to hear President Trump speak, but never trespassed onto the US Capitol . Photos and videos of him in DC that day prove he did.

ALEX LLOYD GROSS File Photo-Delaware Valley Senator Doug Mastriano in Warminster.

The report put out by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) can be viewed tere. When you click on the link you are besieged with request for donations. CREW is calling for the admonishment, censure or removal of office by expulsion of Mastriano.

There is no timetable for when these hearings will start or conclude. Senator Haywood said “I have complete faith in the ethics committee, once formed, to conduct a full investigation into this matter. I trust that the evidence gathered will lead them to a just and appropriate course of action.” Mastriano’s office would not comment.

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5 thoughts on “Ethics Complaint Filed Against PA State Senator by Senator Art Haywood

  1. More election fraud and criminal activity from the Democrats. Everyone with a brain knows PA Dems are guilty of election fraud. The “reporter” is a low IQ moron who should stick to reporting basic facts and leave politics for those that can think for themselves.


  3. Has anyone asked Mr. Haywood ( the big faker that he cares about women’s health when he’s just making more money for Planned Parenthood so they can donate to the Democratic Party by selling stolen baby parts), how much time he’s looked into the evidence put forth by Audit the Vote team? They have quite a team of educated people that have come up with many discrepancies. Here in Delaware County we have Leah Hoopes who has written a book on the problems with the polls. There were zero poll watchers in the entire city of Chester. I bet you Mr. Hayward didn’t know a damn thing about that city? Why was the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania getting involved with ballots two weeks before the election to make them valid after 8 o’clock at night? What is it about blacks that can’t walk out the door to vote because there was a virus that was over six months prior to the election? Why did you to take down the certified statements of contracted US Postal Service workers who drove a truck of signed ballots from NY state to Harrisburg to do be distributed past midnight? Why are blacks infatuated with ballots is what I want to know??! No answer that one for me Mr. Haywood???? You bet we were mad and I missed the bus Delaware County about 10 minutes that morning and I’m 67 years old and most of the people on the bus for senior citizens who had the time to look into things. Unfortunately Mr. Hayward is only looking to make a name for himself moving up through the mob of the Democratic Party rather than actually doing the hard work of protecting the vote of all people including white people which I’m sure makes him flinch! If you’re not busy killing babies in the sink at planned parenthood you’re not worthy in his mind… The baby parts are the cash cow for the Democratic Party and that is a true fact if anyone cares to look into it. Six floors of a Planned Parenthood in Austin Texas donated $3 million over 10 years of the Democratic Party via baby parts sales. The rest of the parts went to Ukraine to be processed into fetal material for the vaccine that all you just got jabbed with. FACT.

  4. Yes YouTube removed the sworn statements of to contracted out United States Postal Service workers employed at the last minute to deliver ballots. This was a company outsourced by the United States Postal Service. There were two truck drivers who drove ballots from New York State to Harrisburg late the night of the election. There were other postal workers who were confused about going home and saying the work was done and then being called back to find ballots that needed to be delivered that weren’t there when they left to go home earlier that night. Has Mr. Haywood looked into their stories? Did he go to the hearing a few days after the election held by Mr. Mastriano? Of course not because when it involves white people getting cheated on he could care less. That’s all they do is run around talking about healthcare for women which is the biggest lie ever put forth to women that abortion is healthcare. So sticking a utensil up into the uterus to slice the head off of your child is now healthcare. And the blacks believe this shit lock stock and barrel. Shame on him that he and his disgusting party have to do this in order for them to sell the parts for profits to be donated to the democratic party. And of course, The older the baby the more the parts are worth so keep pushing how much that little baby is an inconvenience to the life of those young women, Mr. Haywood. You keep pushing that disgusting lie on the constituents that you think you care about…. and then run around and talk about democracy and how you think that me not wearing a mask should be against the law? Your level of deceit is beyond belief. I’m sorry that you had to do this in life just so you had to consider yourself a big success by becoming a Senator by spewing lies.

  5. Google aborted fetal tissue and Ukraine. This has been going on since the early 2000s. Stem cell therapy comes from aborted babies and often not actually aborted babies. Some were stolen babies which you will see articles about. Parents were told their child had died while in the hospital yet they are not able to get an autopsy. Many articles on the big business of fetal tissue in Ukraine. It is used in cosmetics vac and vaccines and therapeutic injections. Dead babies is big business in Ukraine. Dead babies are big business for Mr. Haywood. Ask him if he still tells his constituents that it’s healthcare. Either he’s stupid or just another puppet on the Democratic plantation. Everybody knows these parts are being funneled to Ukraine from Planned Parenthood. Everybody knows why this war and your tax dollars want to protect this nightmare of a country called Ukraine. They have killed every single one of their young men and are now sending children with down syndrome to fight Bidens war. Thanks for being an idiot Mr. Haywood. Thanks for trying to shut people up about things you might find inconvenient to know about and call it hate speech you’re next fancy word for your disgusting dictatorship.

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