The Latest On Shane Pryor, The Escaped Prisoner

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Paul DiMaio, Shane Pryor’s lawyer has a message for his client: “Turn yourself in”. Pryor, who was not handcuffed, was being taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, yesterday when he escaped. It is unknown if he was restrained in other ways and defeated them, or not restrained at all. He was in the parking lot when he bolted from officers.

He is being tried as an adult in the October 2020 murder of Tanya Harris in an alleyway off of Torresdale Avenue. Harris was shot to death .Pryor has maintained his innocence. From the start, he claimed that he allegedly offered to pay Harris for sex but that she was shot by someone else. He recently lost a bid to have his case be brought back to juvenile court, in December.

He could have used the ruse of a hurt hand to avoid being handcuffed and planned to escape all along, officials said. When he ran, he was caught on camera going into multiple buildings, asking people to use their phone, to possibly get a ride out of the area. Police want to know anyone was in the area and he asked to use their phone.

Those people would not be in trouble, however anyone that helps him by giving him a ride or harboring him will face charges themselves, officials said. At one point, police said that he might have stolen a blue pick up truck but they are no longer looking for that vehicle. Two people have been taken in for questioning regarding this matter. they were stopped in Germantown. Police did not say if any useful information was gleaned from the people that were stopped, or if they will face charges.