US Supreme Court Leaning In Trumps Favor Over Ballot Issue

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The United States Supreme Court has not yet ruled on Donald Trump’s challenge to keep him off the ballot in Colorado. A challenge was made regarding the former president’s involvement in the January 6 2021 insurrection at the United States Capitol.

Alex Lloyd Gross File Photo-Delaware Valley Donald Trump before he was elected president.

At issue is can one state keep his name off of the ballot? A rule that is 150 years old pertains to people fighting in the Civil War. A solider in the south could jump sides and potentially run for the office of President. Trumps lawyers have argued that he had no involvement in starting the insurrection held in January 2021.

They also argued that allowing states to keep him off the ballot would disenfranchise voters and they said it would be anti-democratic. It would also violate the rights of tens of millions of Americans who want to vote for Trump, his lawyers said.

The issue is section 3 of the 14th amendment, This is the crux of the matter and it was added after the Civil War. Outside of the court, protests for Trumps removal and against his removal were vocal. Other states have argued that having a candidates name off the ballot in only a few states would sway the election for the entire country.

Oral arguments went on for two hours. It is unknown when a ruling will be issued. The justices seemed annoyed at times with lawyers calling for the removal of Trumps name from the ballot. So far Colorado and Maine have made serious attempts to remove Trump’s name. This ruling could never well shape the election.