Male Finds Wallet, Keeps It and Gets Arrested In Warrington

by Alex Lloyd Gross

If you ever find an item of value with identification of the owner, returning it is the right thing to do. Keeping it is a sure fire way to get into trouble. Robert Hardcastle from Southampton Pa. found that out the hard way.

It was on January 18, 2024 when he was in Lowes in Warrington.. He found a wallet at the self check out counter. The wallet had been dropped about a minute before. He was observed on camera picking up the wallet and securing it on his person. Hardcastle then walked to the customer service desk and spent about 15 minutes sorting out an unrelated matter. He never turned in the wallet, police said.

Police found out who he was and contacted police in Southampton who paid a visit to his residence. Hardcastle admitted that he had the wallet and gave it to officers. He was charged with Theft of lost or mislaid property.