Iron Maidens Rock City Winery In Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross

As a rule, this publication does not generally cover tribute bands. There are too many and while they are talented and good, there is nothing original about them. The Iron Maidens are different. They are all female. Nowadays, finding females that can play and know the music is commonplace. Tik-Tok and YouTube are full of them. Finding five females that know Iron Maiden and having one that can sing like Bruce Dickenson is an accomplishment.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley

Maiden never got much airplay Occasionally WYSP would play them on Metal Shop or KNAC in California would have them in rotation. Maiden got their success through word of mouth and that is what is happening with the Iron Maidens. Last nigh they rolled into the City Winery in Philadelphia for a show.

They hit the stage right at 7:30 PM and played for about 75 minutes. They blasted through :”Murders In the Rue Morgue” and “Wasted Years”. There were so many songs that could have been played but were not. During “Number Of the Beast” and “Run To The Hills”, they had devils or a version of “Eddie”, The Iron Maiden mascot on stage with them.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley The Iron Maidens live.

It was a pleasant surprise when they delved into “Long Distance Runner” and “Sea of Madness”, two deep cuts that casual fans might not be familiar with. Their short set was tight and well received by the near capacity crowd.

They played two songs for an encore, “Aces High” and “Run To the Hills”. After the show, some of the members chatted with fans from the stage.Some of the members of this band have gone onto become huge, Nita Strauss is now with Alice Cooper and Courtney Cox has gone onto an original band, Burning Witches. When this band comes around next year, go see them, you will be glad you did.