Serial Bensalem Shoplifter Identified

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Bensalem Police are tired of getting called to home improvement stores for retail thefts by the same individual. Over the past several months, security cameras watched as an unidentified black male would walk in, take circuit breakers or other items and walk out without paying. Now, the male had been identified. He is 25 years old and from Brooklyn New York. His name is Noe Zapata, police said.

There is now an active arrest warrant for him. It does not matter if he does not come back to Bensalem, this warrant will enable police to pick him up, probably at an inopportune time. Like a family gathering, or maybe getting ready to go out to socialize. It could be early in the morning when the NYPD shows up and kicks down his door. He will be brought down to Bensalem and will be a temporary resident of Bucks County, as he is given a bed at the Bucks County Prison.

The difference in New York and Bucks County is that Bucks will prosecute for retail theft. Police just need a bit of help finding him. When he comes into the area, Zapata is known to travel with other unknown males in a white Mazda CX7 SUV during the thefts. If you have any information about the location of Noe Zapata, please submit an anonymous tip or contact Bensalem Police at (215) 633-3719.

Police said that it is always better for a defendant to turn themselves in. Judges look favorably on that when setting bond as opposed to running or resisting arrest.