I-95 To Be Close Southbound In a Few Hours

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Motorists on I-95 traveling south are going to be inconvenienced, if they have to go past Center City today. From about 5:00 PM today, until 5:00 AM Monday, that entire stretch of road is going to be closed. The reason? To rebuild the covered underpasses, so that there can be a small park. That should be completed in about two years, officials said.

The construction should end by Monday morning, however, if all of the work is not completed, then I 95 will have to be closed again in the future. People with tickets to the stadium complex events or the Union Soccer game tonight should give themselves extra time. %:00 PM does not mean 5:00 PM on the dot. Traffic will be backed up well before then.

You will be forced to exit at 676 or Callowhill Street . Northbound traffic can expect delays as well.


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