The Latest Info On Bristol Township Double Fatal Accident

Photos By Dawn Altstatt

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Dawn Altstatt Photo-Delaware Valley Police around the Ford.

At 1:32 PM yesterday, a grinding, accident happened at the intersection of 413 ( Veterans Highway) and Ford Road, in Bristol Township. A Ford Explorer and Nissan Sentra collided at high speed, sending vehicles and car parts strewn across Veterans Highway.

Photo by Kristal Lynn, Special To Delaware Valley The dump truck flipped over on Rt 413.

The Ford Explorer was driven at a high rate of speed and collided with the Nissan that was making a turn to go south on Veterans Highway. The driver of the Ford then ran away on foot and stole a dump truck, which he was not familiar with driving. He tried to make a turn in the stolen dump truck and flipped it over near Veterans Highway and Old Rodgers Road, police said. That male driver then ran again on foot, but was captured by officers a short distance away. Two other people inside the Nissan sustained injuries, police said.

Two passengers in the Nissan died and the scene. Their bodies were still in the car, which was covered with a blue tarp. The coroner arrived and the bodies were removed and transported to the morgue. Veterans Highway was closed for more than five hours. Police did not confirm , but suspect that the Ford may be stolen, officials said.

The identities of the deceased have not yet been released. Court records do not list any one for charged with anything related to an accident as of Sunday morning.