Two Arrested and Charged With Felony Animal Abuse In Plumstead

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Mara Duran

In civilized society, cockfighting and dog fighting is viewed as despicable behavior. It is wrong and it’s blatantly illegal. In some countries and some customs, this behavior might be tolerated. Engaging in it in the United States is against the law. Try it in Bucks County Pennsylvania and you will go to jail. Just like Manfied Duran in Plumstead Twp.

According to police, Duran does not like to adhere to the law. He was picked up by police for driving with no registration on his vehicle, no insurance and a suspended license. One thing he did have was a valid warrant for his arrest for cockfighting. He also had a wife who would help him with the criminal activity.

On February 18, 2024 at about 11:00 AM police got a tip that and organized cockfight was happening at 1031 North Easton Road, in Plumstead Twp. When police arrived, they saw a male in a pick up truck who told them Duran was and was told he was inside. The male knowing what goes going on, left in great haste. Officers saw the wife of the property owner, and she told them they were having a party. Police saw roosters fighting inside the garage and there was a ring set up.

As police entered, about 20 males inside scattered like cockroaches . Officers secured the property and got a search warrant. They found empty beer bottles, a notebook with scores and names written in it and one dead rooster. Police also found a rooster severely injured, bleeding and could not stand on it’s own. There were also other live roosters in cages nearby, with names on their cages.

Inside the apartment, police found more animals and knives on rings that fit on the legs of roosters. None of the roosters had any food or water. The injured rooster was taken to a vet clinic and given the best possible care but died anyway a few days later, due to the actions of Manfid Duran and his wife Mara Duran, officials said.

Both were charged with felony animal cruelty. They did not own the property, they rented it. It appears they did not own much but spent much of their money on the cock fighting enterprise.It is not known if the two are citizens of the United States or if they are here illegally..

Manfied will be here awhile as he is now living in the Bucks County Prison, unable to raise bail.

Mara was released on $100,000 unsecured bail..