Warning Period Comes To An End For Warrington Red Light Camera Program

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It is a very controversial program. Red Light Cameras.. They are in place in Warrington at the intersection of Easton and Bristol Roads. On March 21, 2024, no more warnings will be issued. Motorists photographed going through the red lights will be fined $100.00. Cameras are also in place at Street Road and 611 as well.

There are no points associated with fines recouped. From the program FAQ’s

Warrington Township does not profit from this project. Unlike many other camera programs, Warrington Township gets no revenue from this program (although we are allowed to recoup actual equipment and personnel expenses related directly to the program.) The intersection photo enforcement system operates ONLY when the traffic light is red, capturing evidence of actual violations. The camera captures two photographic images and video of the alleged red light violation: 1. The first image provides a view of the vehicle BEFORE crossing the white stop line, while showing that the traffic light is red. 2. The second image provides a view of the vehicle AFTER crossing the white stop line, demonstrating that the vehicle proceeded through the intersection while the traffic light remained red.

The program flyer said you can contest a violation but specific criteria, such as if your appeal will be heard in the township on on Zoom were not addressed. Also, what was not addressed was the question of where does the fine money go ? What happens when the citations are not paid?

The controversy starts when a motorist does stop but passes the stop line by a foot or more. Red light cameras are blamed for an uptick of rear end accidents and other injury crashes. If both vehicles have a green light and a left turn crash happens in the middle of the intersection, the cameras are useless in determining a light color or speed.