Watch Male Steal A Vehicle In Port Richmond (Video)

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Never, EVER, should you EVER leave your vehicle running and unattended. Even just for a few seconds. The owner of a Jeep Renegade found out the hard way why you do not do this. It was 11:30 AM on March 12 when the driver of the Rennegade wanted something at the WAWA on the3900 block of Aramingo Avenue.

They pulled into the lot, saw it was not crowded and left the vehicle running , unlocked. They went inside. As they were inside, a disheveled male walks through the parking lot, sees the vehicle and notices that it is running. He takes a quick look around, jumps in and drives off.

To make matters worse,inside the car is a Sig Sauer 9MM P365X Firearm.

If you have any information about this crime or this suspect, please contact:
East Detective Division:
Det. Hoover #9215
DC 24-24-017920