Police Announce Arrest Of Lamar Miller For Auto Thefts

An alert Philadelphia Police Lieutenant is responsible for arresting Lamar Miller of the 3000 block of Judson Street. He was driving a tow truck with a stolen vehicle on the hitch. According to police, Miller was involved in multiple auto thefts through the city. His trick was to put the stolen car on a tow truck and drive off with it.

This is not the first arrest for him, police said. In 2022 he was arrested for stealing cars with a tow truck. Unfortunately, he managed to get the truck back from authorities. and changed the business name on the truck to WUPH. This was not a standard tow truck, Captain Jason Smith said . His unit is responsible for Major Crimes and they investigate Auto Theft. “This is a pick up truck, specially outfitted to be able to tow vehicles,” Smith said.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley News.com Captain Jason Smith shows off a patrol bulletin of the wanted pick up truck.

The investigation started in September 2023, Smith said. Since then, police found Miller allegedly lifted seven vehicles from city streets. He allegedly sold them to Titan Auto on West Sedgley Avenue for $300-$600 per car. Police said the ownership of Titan Auto is cooperating with them. Police have video of the thefts, as well.

Captain Smith said that Miller would target older model vehicles. Newer vehicles were not taken, “These vehicles were sitting out , on the street for a while,” Smith said.Miller would work the entire city to get his stolen vehicles.

On March 12,2024, Lamar Miller turned himself in and is charged with seven counts of auto theft and Receiving Stolen Property. He was released after $105,000 bail was paid. This time, authorities are going to keep the tow truck, Smith said.