Bensalem Police Warn Residents Of A Scam

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Bensalem Police have asked residents to be aware that there is a scam targeting them. It’s not specific to Bensalem,this scam can be used on anyone in the United States. It goes as follows.

You answer the telephone and the number corresponds to the township police on your caller ID. When you answer the voice on the other end tell you they are an officer or high ranking member of the command staff. The reason they are calling you is because you missed a court date for jury duty. A warrant has been ( or will be ) issued for your arrest.

The voice on the other end is calming and reassuring that everything can be worked out, they know these things happen all the time but you must pay a fine. You will go to a store and purchase a gift card in a specific amount and they will stay on the phone with you when you run to the bank and then the store. They will get the numbers from the card and your fine will be marked paid and there will be no warrant.

There never was a warrant and there never was a jury duty notice. When you try to re dial the number it goes to a dead phone. When you call the police directly, they will tell you no one called. It is very easy to get the name of a legitimate officer. The scammer is very good on the phone and can be very convincing.

Hang up the phone and call (215) 633-3719. or your local police. They will tell you that you will never get a call about a warrant that can be cleared up by gift cards from a legitimate law enforcement agency.