Girlschool Plays Show In Bensalem With Lillian Axe and Alcatraz

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Lillian Axe was direct support last night.

Back in 1980’s rockers would go to the Empire Rock Club on the Roosevelt Boulevard to see live music on Thursday nights. Sometimes the bands were local and sometimes a national act, like Slayer or Foghat would roll through. Last night was reminiscent of those times. At the Broken Goblet in Bensalem a triple bill of hard rock music came through . Alcatraz, Lillian Axe and Girlschool.

Alex Lloyd Gross photo-Delaware Valley Jackie Chambers celebrated a birthday on stage last night.

Girlschool is a band from the UK that never broke wide open for whatever reason, in spite of the immense talent the band had . Last night it was a throw back to the Empire days, with many of the same people in the audience. While the first two bands played good sets, and were well received by the crowd, there was no mistake that Girlschool was the headliner.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Denise Dufort is an original member.

When they took the stage, those in attendance swarmed around the stage and some tried to start a mosh pit. When the majority of the crowd was not intent on having that, those that could not stand still had to be content to head bang in place. Girlschool have a new record out that is available on wax and CD. It’s called WTForty Five . It is a testament to the bands longevity and staying power.

From that album, they played the album opener “It is What It is”. Unfortunately, they were on stage for about an hour. They could have played longer. Kim McAuliffe, Denise (Drench) Dufort are still in the band to this day. Jackie Chambers replaced Kelly Johnson, who died from cancer. Rounding out the band is Tracey Lamb who plays bass.

Before and after the show members of all three bands could be spotted in the club. and were more than willing to sign merchandise or pose for selfies. At the merch table, it was refreshing to see both CD’s and albums for sale. Prices were $10.00 per Cd and they were autographed. Albums were $30.00.

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