Northeast Philadelphia Church Burglarized For Easter

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The Our Lady of Consolation Church on the 7000 block of Tulip Street was open and unlocked over the Easter weekend. At least one volunteer was supposed to be in the church to discourage theft and vandalism. On March 30, 2024 the person tasked with the responsibility of guarding the church left their post about 11:00 AM,when the person who was supposed to relieve them did not show up for their shift, police said. For about an hour, the church was open and unattended.

That hour of being left open and unguarded was all it took for a thief to simply walk in and pry open the donation box. When a parishioner arrived about noon,they found that the donation box was open and an unknown amount of cash was missing.

The church was open for people to come in and pray. Police and detectives are looking for security cameras inside the church and the Tulip Street neighborhood that captured the images of people entering the church on March 30,2024, between 11:00 AM and noon

The people guarding the church were volunteers ..