Bucks County Male Arrested For Eat and Run In Warrington Restaurant

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A Pipersville male was hungry on March 31,2024 and he stopped into the Longhorne Steakhouse located on Easton Road. It seemed like a good place to eat and he selected filet, lobster tail, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and a Coke.

He ate the food at a table and nothing seemed amiss until the time came for him to pay.

He left the restaurant without paying and steakhouse employees saw him go to to a nearby Wal-Mart store. In the meantime, police were at the steakhouse getting his description, when an officer saw him near the Wal-Mart and took him into custody. He was identified as Thomas Mallon, from Pipersville Pa.

He was arrested and charged with theft of services and related offenses. He was cited and released.

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