Phillies Reveal New Uniforms At Block Party

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A block party was held outside Citizens Bank Park earlier today, and the new uniforms that the Phillies will wear to every home game PLAYED ON A FRIDAY were revealed. They are not red. In fact, they have no red in them at all. They are blue.

Fans are mostly supportive. The team has always been about red and will continue to be red. “We are excited and honored to be the first team this season to officially unveil our City Connect uniform, which features a new modern design that represents being ‘unapologetically Philly’ and celebrates our city’s rich history.”, said Howard Smith, Vice President of Business Affairs for the Phillies.

Prices are about the same as the regular merchandise. It was for sale today at the ball park. Fans showed up to eat at food trucks and to spin a wheel to win prizes, like Phillies gym bags or new rally towels. That booth got the most business. People want something for free and when they saw other fans with their gym bags, they wanted one too.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Phillies staff set up new City Connect Uniforms for sale.

There was face painting and photo booths to show off the new City Connect Uniforms. Fans were buying the gear but there was some grumblings, first was the color of blue the second was the large NIKE swoosh on the front. As one fan, who identified himself as Stan from Northeast Philly said, “i don’t want to pay to advertise for Nike.”.

The new City Connect uniforms will make their debut Friday, April 12, 2024.