Aramark Food Service Strike Held For One Day

by Alex Lloyd Gross

food service workers for Aramark have gone on strike for one day. This is the company that serves food at the sports complex, among other places.

Sports fans in attendance at area games that get services by Aramark were greeted by striking workers from local 274 ,with inflatable rats and signs. The union, has even undertaken the expense of flying a banner plane over the sports complex that stated Aramark does not pay their workers.

Alex Lloyd Gross photo/Delaware Valley Striking workers greet people arriving for the Sixers game.

The lowest paid worker gets $14.11 per hour. Far shy from the standard of $15.00 which is a livable wage. Workers also want health benefits as well. The company has promised that fans attending events will not be inconvenienced. They have taken to hiring non union replacements, temporary workers to serve food at the sports complex. Those workers claim they are getting at least $21.00per hour.

It’s hard to accept Aramark’s cries when a billion dollar corporation charges $6 to $11.00 for a soda. A family of four that wants chicken tenders and fries along with soft drinks will fork over about $100.00. The prices paid by Philadelphia fans are among the highest in the nation.A package of hot dogs can cost $10.00 for Hebrew Nationals. Aramark serves up the cheapest ones you can find and charges in excess of $7.00 for one.

The company is also servicing the Collegiate industry, has a uniform division and can also do facilities management. They also provide food and training in the their industries for prisons.

The workers want health care, better pay and to treated with respect. The union said they will pay health care for workers that work 1500 hours across all three venues. That number, workers say is unfair. They pay, the ysay is disproportionate with a billion dollar company. concession stand workers make $15.29. Concession stand workers start at $15.55 at Lincoln Financial Field, and $16.05 at Citizens Bank Park.

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