Philly Police Officer Intentionally Run Over By ATV Driver

It was early last night, about 7:16 PM, when an officer assigned to the 12th District was on I-95, near Packer Ave, when he observed about 50-60 ATV riders. Among them, a red quad operated by a black male wearing black clothing and a black ski mask stood out as it exited at the Walt Whitman Bridge ramp, breaking away from the group.┬áNone of the ATV’s should have been on the expressway to start with . The group could have been traveling over the Walt Whitman Bridge.

The officer followed the vehicle onto the off ramp when the driver intentionally turned his quad into the officer, causing the officer to lose control of his motorcycle. The officer fell from his bike and sustained non life threatening injuries to his right root and bruises.

The ATV rider took off. A few minutes later, police saw an ATV matching the description of the quad in question on Richmond Street. . A short pursuit was initiated. Police lost the vehicle on Richmond Street, as he committed multiple traffic violations.

Police saw a similar looking ATV in the driveway of a house on the 5100 block of Erdrick Street. Upon investigation that male was not involved and the ATV was not the one responsible for the incident in South Philadelphia. No arrests have been made and the suspect is still at large, police said.