Power Lines Down, Power Outage In Bensalem

by Alex Lloyd Gross


Over 1000 people lost power earlier today in Bensalem, when a very large tree fell onto some wires on Dunksferry Road. The recent rain storms we had caused the ground to become soft. About 4:15PM, a very strong wind gust cause the tree to become uprooted and it was resting on utility wires, on the 2500 block of Dunksferry Road.

Eddington Fire Company was on scene and requested PECO. They arrived quickly and secured the power. The tree was removed from the wires and then cut down. The power outage affected Hillbrook Apartments as well as Creekside.

The Redners strip mall also was without power for about two hours. Once the tree was removed, the power was restored. This was about 6:00PM. Dunksferry Road was shut down during the incident. There were no injuries.