Another Cargo Heist In Northeast Philadelphia

by Alex Lloyd Gross

For the third time in a year and the second time in less than two weeks, there has been a major cargo heist involving frozen food in Northeast Philadelphia. This one happened about 5:30 AM this morning at the Wal-Mart delivery dock, at the Franklin( Philadelphia) Mills Mall.

The driver was in the truck when four vehicles rode up and about a dozen thieves surrounded the driver and truck. They took two cases of Grandpa Harvey’s Snow Crabs. The value was at about $30,000 police said.

The driver was beaten when he heard a noise and went to investigate. That is when at least two of the thieves beat him. He was not seriously hurt, police said.

Franklin Mills has been the site of another large theft when $750,000 worth of dimes was stolen. An arrest was made in that case. Police said that if a truck driver suspects their truck is being broken into, call 911. Refrigerated trucks make noise which could camouflage the sound of a break in, police said.

There was no description of the thieves or their vehicles. Police are looking for video that will show the theft.