Tom Rush To Play Newtown, Bucks County This Weekend

Tom Rush, the iconic folk singer with a career going back 60 years is going to be at the Newtown Theater on April 27, 2024. “I am going to have a young man named Seth Glear with me. He’ll be playing the piano and stealing the show and I am going to pay him to do it”, Rush said.

So if he is so good, why Rush is not scared about being upstaged. “This is 2024. it’s my 63rd annual farewell tour and one of the things I really enjoy doing is introducing my audience to a talent I think they are really going to love. I was the first to record Joni Mitchell, I was the first to record Jackson Browne and I was the first to record James Taylor,” Rush said.

He is in support of his new album called Gardens Old, Flowers New. He will be doing songs from that as well as old favorites. “I was accused of Rolling Stone Magazine, (when they were a relevant publication) of ushering in the singer songwriter era. I truly enjoy introducing my audience to a performer I think they are gonna love.

“I do a thing every Sunday, called Rockport Sundays . You can go to my website Tom The show in Newtown will last about two hours, Rush said, At the show, after it is over, Tom and Seth will sell CD’s and merch. They will be meeting fans for free.

Even though Tom Rush has been around a while, this is going to be the first time that someone is going seen him. He won’t disappoint. A few tickets still remain.