Some Local Election Results In the PA Primary

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Photo Of Dave McCormick by Alex Lloyd Gross/Delaware Valley

The Pennsylvania Primary Election was held yesterday. Most of the races were uncontested. Of Course, Donald Trump and Joe Biden won for President. Dave McCormick and Bob Casey will battle for PA Senator in November. There were some hotly contested races.

In Philadelphia, Sean Dougherty (d) and Aziz Gill (r) are running for Kevin Boyle’s seat in the PA House. Boyle was plagued by a video of him at a Rocklegde Bar around Valentines Day threatening customers and threatening to get The Gaul House closed.. Dave Sunday, from York County is the republican contender for this office.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Jarded Solomon looks at the returns with Jacke Sternberger, his campaign manager.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware valley Aziz Gill is the republican candidate for the172nd Seat.

The race for PA Attorney General was competitive on the democratic ticket. In the end, Eugene DePasquale won over Jack Stolsteimer, ( Delco District Attorney) Jared Solomon, and Joe Khan. Solomon was at the Buucaan Restaurant, on Castor Ave, watching the returns roll in with his supporters and staff members.

Erin McClelland won a shocking upset over Ryan Bizzarro for State Treasurer. Malcom Kenyatta has won the democratic ticket for PA Auditor General.

Alex Lloyd Gross- /File Photo-Delaware Valley Senator Robert Casey

The primary only allows people to vote for their party. You area republican but want to vote for a democrat. In the primary, that is not allowed. In November, you can vote for who ever you want.

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