Male Arrested For Threatening To Kill Ex Girlfriend In Warrington

by Alex Lloyd Gross

When people break up from a relationship, it is not always mutual and without drama. So was the relationship between Darlin Parricio Pilajio and his then girlfriend. She worked at a McDonalds on Metro Drive in the Township. While she was at work on April 23,2024, her ex boyfriend, Pilajio arrived just after 8:00PM and informed her he had things for their baby,.

She then went to his car and got in the back door to get the items. At that time, he exited the vehicle, closed the rear door behind her, trapping her inside. Pillajo got back in the vehicle and exited the parking lot, heading northbound on Easton Road. During this time, the victim repeatedly told Pillajo to stop so she could exit but he refused.

The victim stated each time she unlocked the rear door Pillajo would relock it before she could open it. While he was driving, Pillajo allegedly made several statements, telling her he was going to kill her and specifically described how he was going to do it. The victim noticed items inside the car consistent with Pillajo’s description of how he was going to kill her.

She finally was able to escape about two miles away when the car stopped. Pillajo then said he was going to her house to kill her.

Pillajo was later arrested on the warrant by Warrington Police. He was processed, arraigned, and sent to Bucks County Prison after he was unable to produce 10% of 50,000 cash bail. He is charged with terrorist threats and false imprisonment.