Bensalem Police Arrest Fewer People For Retail Theft Last Week

by Alex Lloyd Gross

10 people have been arrested or identified as being wanted for Retail Theft in Bensalem Township this last week. A symposium on Retail Theft was held at the township building a few months ago, The suggestion was made to make public those arrested for retail theft. Police took that suggestion and ran with it. The result is four people fewer than last week. It’s a step in the right direction.

Sometimes when people steal, the don’t think they will get caught. When they do, they want to keep it quiet. They may be humiliated by having family find out or they may have their co workers find out and be ashamed. It’s now out in public. Store owners are sick of losses and sick of people walking out without paying. Stores are closing because of it.

10 people were arrested or identified. Of those , only two are residents of Bensalem. One, Nikki Collins from Downingtown was the farthest away. She allegedly pilfered about $83.00 worth of good from WAWA on Route 1.

All of those pictured have been accused of Retail Theft. They have not been convicted .