Two Philadelphia Police Districts Merge

by Alex Lloyd Gross

If you are reading this, the 6th and 9th Police Districts have already merged in Center City Philadelphia. Both are currently operating out of the new police headquarters building at 400 North Broad Street. They will now operate as the 9th District. Officers assigned to the 6th District will simply change the number of their patrol assignment.

It will take a bit of time before the numbering on the police cars will change and the lettering on the door of the headquarters reflects the change. The phone number of 686-3060 will be phased out and not be operational, officers said. The space used by the 6th district will be now used by supervisors, and all officers will be working from the 9th district operations room.

Police said that older reports will still be accessible, but only through the 9th. It was shortly after the opening of the new headquarters, that the 6th moved from their dilapidated building at 11th and Winter Streets. Most police stations are getting upgrades or new buildings. Some of those buildings were state of the art in the 1940’s and 1950’s. The HVAC system was broken in some and other districts had rodent problems, as well as asbestos

The change took place at 12:01 AM today. .

This merger is not simply a change in structure; it’s a commitment to a safer Center City,” said Police Commissioner Kevin J. Bethel. “We are confident that the combined strengths of the 6th and 9th Districts will lead to a new era of exceptional service for our community.”

The PPD expresses its deepest gratitude to the dedicated officers who served in the 6th District throughout its history. Their legacy will be carried forward under the banner of the new 9th District. As the department embarks on this new chapter, we will continue to honor the traditions of both the 6th and 9th, while continuing to build a stronger and safer Center City for all.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley A sign inside police headquarters for the 6th District.

Police said that the merger will feature :

  • Increased Line Squad Officers on Patrol. More officers patrolling the streets means faster response times to calls for service and enhanced backup support for officers.
  • Enhanced Supervision. More supervisors on the ground will provide improved guidance and support for officers.
  • Dedicated Community Beats Team. A dedicated “community beats” team with a supervisor will significantly increase staffing dedicated to addressing quality-of-life issues.
  • Amplified Community Engagement. Expanded 18-officer bike squad for robust visibility, aligning with Mayor Parker and Police Commissioner Bethel’s vision.
  • Streamlined Leadership. Efficient deployment of resources and personnel.
  • Increased Visibility Teams. Proactive policing in high-crime areas.