Illegal Palestine Encampment Still Going On At Penn

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The encampment

It is illegal to set up an encampment and notice has been served, yet several hundred protesters at Penn still sit on the public park on the Penn Campus, near 36th and Walnut Streets. While police in riot gear gave broken up, arrested and university officials have suspended students who continued to defy orders to disburse, this has not yet happened at Penn.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Students just pass by and pay the protesters no mind as they go on with their day.

The encampment is reminiscent of the homeless,. Antifa debacle just a few years ago, at 22nd and the Parkway. Donation tables are set up and thousands of people that walk by, do so with disgust or contempt at the protesters. The protesters want the university to divest itself from investments that promote the killing of Palestinians. To put this in perspective, it the cowards of Hamas that started this war in Israel, by parachuting into a music festival, to kill unarmed Jews. When Israel answered back, the protesting started. That’s it, in a nutshell.

Outside agitators were prevalent at Columbia and could be here. While most of those at the encampment kept to themselves, one such male did not. He would accost working journalists from across the fence and call them names. He was unkempt and smelled of body odor. His language used was not appropriate for children, or as a professional adult. He attempted to block journalists from working. When the video cameras started to turn on him, he scurried away to hide.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley This male was adamant about disrupting working journalists. The profanity that came out of his mouth was not fit for a longshoreman .

At Penn, many protesters come and go. There are signs ordering them to disburse that they pay no attention to. On Walnut Street, at least two pro Israel mobile sign trucks trucks were parked within eyesight of the protests spot. The protesters say they are not against Jews. That is in start contrast to other universities, where Jews have been assaulted and barred from class.

The protest, especially when you have the likes of the male in the third paragraph can make Jews feel uncomfortable and unsafe. It is behavior like this that will cause the encampment to be broken up by police. This university has an obligation to keep all students safe. It has been less than a year since the Penn President Liz Magill was forced to resign due to her lack of ability to articulate herself before congress.

As many have said, it is a ruination of the personal brands of these protesters. Assuming they graduate and apply for a decent job with a company, that company will do a deep dive on the prospective employee. They will find photos and videos from years ago showing this illegal activity and decline to hire the person. They will never know what happened.

There are signs that say “From The River To The Sea”, which is a Euphemism to annihilate Jews. It is code, for racist, Antisemitic ideals that make what anyone says to the contrary unbelievable.