Gene Pope Talks About His New Film

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Gene Pope is an actor and a director based in New York. He has a new movie that he is excited about. It’s an independent feature called Queen of Knives. It’s available online, only at this point. “I wanted to make a movie that was missing from theaters. I liked what Robert Altman did with movies, when he was around. You would go down one angle and then wham, another angle, then there was some kind of surprise,”Pope said.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Gene Pope

This film is not for everyone and he knows it.It deals with divorce. “Someone that has not been divorced is not going to get it”, he said. In this movie, he is divorced and his daughters and almost everyone he knows forms different relationships.

The movie was shot entirely in Brooklyn. “A lot of people in the background are not extras.They are used to this, when Law and Order would shoot, they would be in the background”, Pope said. This movie cost just over $2,000,000 to make, he said.

According to Pope, the characters in the movie are based off people in real life , the stories are not. The movie took about two years to make, according to Pope. “We are trying to spread the word about this movie via social media,” Pope said.

Pope was a director , and he specialized in documentaries and commercial. 30 years ago, he cast Brian Cranston for one of his commercials.

Go to the website to learn more about the film .

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