An Update On The Fake Nurse, Ramon Garcia

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Back in March of this year, this publication did a story on Ramon Garcia. He was a front desk employee of Carbon Health, in the Jenkintown section of Abington Township. His job was to check patients in and maybe do mundane chores in the facility. You can read the original story here.

He allegedly told female patients that he was a nurse and in some cases molested them. When he was arrested, police feared that there could be other victims who had come into contact with Garcia. They were right. After the story broke, several more women came in to tell police what happened to them.

In some cases, Garcia would simply tell them they were pretty and ask them on dates. In others, he is accused of watching them strip naked and doing full pelvic examinations on them. There are 14 victims in all. Many were sent to Carbon Health for drug screening, prior to employment.

Police filed additional charges against Garcia and he waived his preliminary hearing last week. He will face trial in Norristown..