Former DELCO Emergency Services Directer Arrested

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Tim Boyce, was the director of Delaware County Emergency Services in Delaware County, until he was let go from his position. The reason, officials said was that earlier this year, he approached a female employee and tried to kiss her. When the girl pulled away, he is alleged to have grabbed her buttocks , while making lewd comments. He is alleged to have said “You have a really nice ass, I’d like to feel it,”.

The female left and did not return to work, officials said. Yesterday, Boyce was charged with with three misdemeanor offenses — indecent assault, simple assault, and harassment — regarding the incident that happened on Jan. 30.

Boyce has since been fired. he was arraigned on $50,000 unsecured bond. .The county website still lists him as a director. Boyce has been the subject of three Equal Employment Opportunity complaints. Some alleged the passed over older, more experienced employees in favor of young attractive women, for promotions.

Reports state that the woman in the most recent complaint texted Boyce to tell him of her disgust. Boyce is said to have apologized in a text message to the employee. .

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