28 Shoplifters Arrested In Bensalem Last Week

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Ever since Bensalem Police took the suggestion to publicize arrests for shoplifting, the number of people arrested has fluctuated. Last week was an all time high since this initiative started. 28 accused thieves were arrested.

Most were not from Bensalem. Several were not in custody, but identified and now have warrants out for them. Notably, several Bensalem children were arrested for stealing $1260.00 from Kohls. If more than one come in and only one person steals and the others are with them, they get charged as well.

The lowest amount taken was $30.00 at Home Depot by Michael Saville who was released with a summons.

Bensalem Police will host Coffee With A Cop at Target Saturday, May 18,2024 This will be in the late morning to early afternoon . They will be talking about retail theft and addressing community concerns.