Femmes Of Rock Make Return To Parx

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It’s been far too long since Femmes Of Rock played a show at Parx. in March of 2018. They finally returned last night. Lead by Nina DiGregorio:, the blonde front woman who started this group. She is credited as the arranger and founder.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley News.com The band closed to show in the audience.

Femmes Of Rock are basically four talented female musicians that play the electric violin and cello, to popular music. The have segments dedicated to individual recording acts. During the show they did a segment dedicated to The Who. They pretty much let the instruments play out the vocals. When all four sing the chorus, it sounds awesome. They also have a stellar backing band behind them.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com The band played in the audience as well.

They unfortunately did not play a lot of songs in their entirety. They did a medley. Such as the mind blowing 13 plus minute tribute to Rush that they opened the show with. It’s not all rock. They played the Theme to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, with their custom made video playing in the background.

When it came time for their Led Zeppelin segment, they brought up their sound man to sing. He fronts a Zeppelin tribute band called Zeppelin USA, based out of Vegas.

Dawn Altstatt -video.

While the band played, a video screen behind them was synched to the music. The production is much more than getting up and playing instruments. The show lasted almost two hours. It should have been longer. The ladies were not content to simply play on stage. They extended their show directly into the audience.

While the band cherry picked the top songs from the top bands, it would have been awesome for them to trot out a “B” side , One can only hope that these guys return to this area sooner than five years. They probably would have been here sooner , but concerts were pretty much shut down in 2020 and a good part of 2021.

ALEX LLOYD GROSS – Photo -Delaware Valley News.com Nine DiGregorio rocks out during the show.

They do not play every night. That is one of the reasons that the show seems fresh and not rushed or canned. Nina was able to play Eruption from Van Halen. A small error was made that no one in the theater knew about ,(much less cared about), until she brought it up. The crowd came to see this band give a performance that that is exactly what they got.