Tuskegee Airman Booth Was At Northeast Philadelphia Car Show

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Eugene Richardson Jr. is a real life American Hero. He is a member of the Tuskegee Airmen that fought in World War 2. This was a time when Negro pilots were less than welcome in the US Military. A lot has changed and they paved the way for the future of the US Armed Forces. Now in his 90’s, Richardson Jr. was at a booth to promote the history of his unit. Richardson Jr. was at his booth with literature to teach people about what his unit did. It’s fascinating..

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com The dash on a 1965 Dodge pick up truck

The booth was set up at the American Heritage Credit Union Headquarters annual car show on Haldeman Avenue. This event draws tens of thousands to the area. It’s something that is free and fun for the entire family. There were lots of cars to see and people to talk to.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley News.com Some of the cars were a work in progress.

Not all of the cars were in tip top shape. Quite a few were works in progress, with primer or faded paint. Some of these machines were almost 60 years old. It’s interesting to see the cars you grew up with, maintained in almost perfect condition. Cars from the 1930’s- 70’s, and even the 1990’s were shown. Late models as well.

When someone gets a vehicle, that is their baby and they want to show it off. You may have no interest in a car from 1998 but to that person, they will put tons of cash into it to keep it on the road. There are a few companies that specialize in making parts for older cars.

At the car show, people get hungry. The food was reasonable. A family of four could be fed for about $20.00. There was nothing on the menu that cost more than $3.00. That’s taking a trip back in time for real.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley News.com a 1981 Pontiac Trans AM at the show.

In addition to the Tuskegee Airman exhibit, there were a few companies promoting their wares as well, including a table to talk financials from the credit union. There, thy can show you how to save up for a classic car of your own or how to maintain it.