Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion-On Holidays

by Paul Big Bear

Happy Holidays” “It’s a Holiday” “Where are you going on your holiday?” Oh how we look forward to the holidays, a day off with pay, maybe a ball game on the TV, a special holiday dinner; Turkey for Thanksgiving with all the trimmings, Ham for Easter, ham and cabbage for Saint Patty’s, the 4th of July Bar B Q is the food of choice, do you have a special food that you eat at midnight on New Year’s Eve? How about a gathering of family/friends, some holidays we decorate for; None more so than Christmas with lights, decorate a tree and hang our stockings by the fireplace, Easter with Spring flowers and colorful dyed eggs, and baskets with bows filled with candy. We shop presents from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, flowers and candy for Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. We may even dress up for it; men done their suit and tie, the women their fancy dresses with a hat, another everyone puts on a costume; store bought, homemade, scary, funny, the youngsters go out in search of candy “Trick or Treat” to fill their bags, older costumed celebrants go to parties, drink punch and eat party food, dance, maybe even win a prize for best costume, yes, holidays are something special.

       Funny how as you age things change, now it no longer has as much to do with a day off especially if you are retired (I’ve heard about this) now it’s about the kids; grandchildren are off from school, your children have a family to celebrate with, plans to celebrate together are tentative, weather, how far away, cost of traveling. Dinners become smaller gatherings, perhaps you speak to family and friends on the phone, send a “text” or E-mail, and check media (Facebook) for instant photographs. “Look how big the grand kids have gotten”, “when did he grow a beard?”, “look she cut her hair, it looks cute.”

      Something else replaces the “day off with pay” now we silently remember those who are no longer here to celebrate with us. We may talk about it with thoughts and comments like “mashed potatoes are like Grandma made” “Is that the Angel we put on top of the tree when I was little?” I hope we all say grace and a silent prayer for those who paid the price for our freedom to celebrate and those who are working both here and abroad, military, police, fire, EMT, nurses many who will celebrate with left over’s or meals eaten in a fox hole. Yes holidays are very special, filled with memories, precious memories.