Male Arrested For Antisemitic Vandalism In Warrington

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Mateusz Andrzejczuk of Warrington Pa. is in a lot of trouble. He is in jail after failing to post $10,000.00. Police said that Andrzejczuk was allegedly caught on video damaging the vehicle of a Jewish resident of the Westminster Apartments.

Apparently, on May 10, 2024 at about 10:50PM police got a call from the victim who had video of the vandalism in progress. Police said that “Jew” was carved into the drivers door, “Fag” was carved into the trunk and scratch marks were made around the car.

In addition to that, police said that they have a video of Andrzejczuk threatening to put a bullet in the victims skull and called him racial slurs. The damage exceeds $3600.00, police said.

Andrzejczuk got himself charged with 18) 2706 (a)(1) Terroristic Threats (M1) 18 2701 (A)(3) Simple Assault (M2) (18) 3304 (a) (1) Criminal Mischief (M2) (18)2709 (A)(4) Harassment (S)