SEPTA Bus and Motorcycle Collide In Bensalem

by Alex Lloyd Gross

UPDATE: Bensalem Police confirmed the original story below. According to Detective Sgt. Glenn Vandegrift, Police will do an investigation to determine the speed of both vehicles. The motorcycle rider was identified as Robert Gala. he was taken to Jefferson Torresdale Hospital.

Police towed both vehicles and will do an inspection on both vehicles. No one has been charged with anything in this crash. There is a bus stop for the 129 on Adams Avenue by the post office. The investigation is continuing.

Original story is below.

Shortly after 6:00 PM a SEPTA bus and a motorcycle collided at the intersection of Byberry Road and Adams Ave in Bensalem. This is where the post office is, for reference.

Details are preliminary and can change when more information is confirmed. The SEPTA Route 129 bus was on Adams Ave, making a left turn onto Byberry Road, when a motorcycle on Byberry Road, traveling from Bridgewater Road towards the post office collided with the bus..

The impact was in the center of the bus. It is unknown if any passengers were on the bus. The driver of the bus was taken to the hospital and walked to the ambulance under his own power.. The motorcyclist was taken as well. . His condition is serious. It is unknown if he was wearing a helmet. Roads around the scene will remain closed for several hours, police said.

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